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About us

With over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of CCTV lenses it is our goal to always offer our machine vision customers the best lens with which to meet the technical constraints of an application. Your system and our lenses ensure a prominent position for you to occupy the global market on a long term basis.

Ricoh products manufactured in Vietnam and Japan are ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified to guarantee the best quality and environmental safety.

- ISO 9001: Our quality management and quality assurance states that all Ricoh lenses are manufactured according to the highest quality standard. The ISO9001 defines the quality assurance of product development and manufacturing.

- ISO 14001: Our environmental management system is ISO14001 certified in Vietnam and Japan. Ricoh is committed to developing a long-term, responsible environmental management and development scheme.

The data included in the CCTV product section is exclusively to be used by the professionals of machine vision and security trades.

Machine Vision Products

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